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A female French teacher and a female Spanish teacher wander into an empty classroom. All the students are in the auditorium watching a talent show. They slowly unbuttoned each other's blouses...leaving their glasses on, the French teacher pulls the band out of her hair as her hand grazes over her...ok that last part I made up.

But the story is true! and kinda hot and you can read it at NY Daily News

A janitor discovered them in a state of undress and snitched. The article says they were sent to Ed Dept "rubber rooms" while they're being investigated. Kinky!

The kids are having a field day, as the teachers are pretty good-looking. But it's a taboo topic in the classrooms of course, with students being asked to "let it go". Oh boy! Wowee! Must read the article.

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I hate to use the cliche but that is totally hot.
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Hank Alvarez
Yeah, it's totally hot but also very inappropriate. It will probably end up costing both of them their jobs and they could very well be blackballed from education everywhere. Once it got to the point of consent shouldn't they have moved to another venue? Even Jay Leno was using that story in his monologue last night. Hank 
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