I thought this could be a thread where we could all post links to our latest reviews.

My most recent is for System Jo's Natural Feminine Spray. It helps deal with odor and moisture

Natural Feminine Personal Spray seems to be more about making you smell sweet/fresh than reducing odor. The scent sticks around longer. This is okay if you’re a fan of it, but it’s such an odd scent that I can’t imagine everyone will be.

My latest for Tabu is about SHE AFterCare: AfterTrace Odor Neutralizer, which is a similar product.

Having used AfterTrace, which is supposed to inhibit odors rather than simply covering them up, I’ve gotten a pretty good feel for it. I’ve found that it works better in some situations, namely, when you’re right out of the shower or bath, haven’t sweated yet, and you’re putting on fresh underwear. Preventing unpleasant odors is key.
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